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For seven years I, Karen Kreps, have written about Intimacies for The Good Life magazine and hosted monthly public discussion groups about relationships at BookPeople in Austin, TX.  My book, Intimacies: Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance, contains dozens of these essays and reveals true stories about how real people find love and happiness in intimate relationships.

If you’ll agree to answer one question, I would like to offer you a free gift, a 38-page ebook with "A Dozen Choice Intimacies," as a token of my appreciation. (This page will still display after you submit your question. and I'll send you the eBook by email.)

What is your Number One question about relationships?

Simply answer the question in the form above and let me send you—not a dozen roses, but "A Dozen Choice Intimacies." You’re welcome to share them with anyone you like—or anyone you love. These are a special collection of twelve essays I’ve written on Intimacies.
1.     Ditch Mr. Lonely, you deserve a love that's better
2.     Meeting eye to eye may seen as invitation to romance
3.     Massage can enhance love if you let your heart be touched
4.     Why do people want to have sex? For reasons varied and complex
5.     How to learn to be a lover? Experiment and communicate
6.     Friends with benefits—just the perks without the ties
7.     It’s a shame, shame, shame how we feel shame about sex
8.     Why eat an apple a day, when sex may keep the doctor away?
9.     Overcome complacency, revolutionize your sexual outlook
10.   Whose duty is it to do what when sexual desire dims?
11.   The mysteries of age meet the mysteries of sexuality'
12.   Singles or doubles, it's good just to be in the game

The first one, “Ditch Mr. Lonely, you deserve a love that's better,” has never before been published. It was written for the February 2009  issue of The Good Life magazine, which was never produced since the publication went out of business.

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